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The Comfort Club trumps any home warranty plan when it comes to having peace of mind about your heating and cooling system. If you’re considering an investment in protection, read the below information before making a final decision.

Dollars and Sense

Standard home warranty premiums are $312.65 on average in Virginia, according to HomeWarrantyReviews.com. This (most likely) is before paying additional to ensure your HVAC is covered in the policy. Service fees are an additional $50-$100+ on top of that per each repair job. A Comfort Club membership is only $14.95 per month (per zone) . Benefits include annual maintenance (not offered by home warranties), discounted service visits, up top 30% off repairs, and special offers on replacement throughout the year. The regular tune-ups alone will extend the life of your system up to two years. We also guarantee our work – if you’re not satisfied, you don’t pay!

Be a Priority

Everyone has heard the horror stories of someone being without AC in the middle of the summer for days or weeks at a time. Unfortunately, most home warranty servicing companies aren’t well enough equipped to respond quickly when repairs are needed in extreme temperatures. On top of that, delays occur because approvals are sometimes necessary as not all repairs are covered. Processing a claim can be an entirely different, time-consuming ordeal. Our Comfort Club members receive front-of-the-line service, meaning we will offer a guaranteed appointment window. Our goal is to not leave a home without first restoring the comfort levels. On top of that, we guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Quality Control

It may be comforting to know repairs are covered with a home warranty, but do you know anything about the contractors providing the service? Warranty companies work with a variety of local subcontractors that meet their limited requirements, often due to their cheaper prices. They also only repair the immediate fix rather than looking over the entire system. We pride ourselves on hiring and training the best technicians in the area. They are all drug-tested, have clean background checks, spotless driving records, and are tobacco free. Our team also receives continued training throughout the year to keep their minds sharp. Every service call begins with a complete system evaluation (at a discounted rate) to identify what is causing the comfort issues. We aim to get the problem fixed right the first time and avoid any return visits. As mentioned before, your satisfaction is guaranteed 100%.

Home warranties can be a great safety net for homeowners, but you shouldn’t skimp on coverage when protecting the most valuable appliance in your home. With front-of-the-line service, annual maintenance, up to 30% off repairs, and big discounts on replacement costs, the Comfort Club minimizes your risk of an HVAC emergency and maximizes your monetary and time savings. A home warranty can’t do that.


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