What’s On Our HVAC Maintenance Checklist?

Our HVAC maintenance checklist is extremely comprehensive.

We get it. You are hesitant to schedule HVAC tune ups annually because you don’t think they help, but our team does more than a quick look-over of your air conditioning and/or heating system (see highlights below from our HVAC maintenance checklist). Most warranties require this preventative service. Similarly, we highly-recommend to do it regularly [but don’t take our word for it – read more at energy.gov]. If you invest monthly in our HVAC maintenance plan, the below is merely a refresher since you receive this service regularly as part of your membership.

More than a tune-up

First and foremost (whether you’re a member of our Comfort Club family or not) our teammates arrive on time for your maintenance appointment, ready to clean and recalibrate your furnace, air handler, heat pump, or air conditioner back to factory-fresh settings. And with over 70+ items on the checklist, our service is not just a simple checkup. We thoroughly inspect your system and give you a full report if we find anything that will save you money, prevent a breakdown, or improve the safety of your home.

Numbers don’t lie.

One of the most important things we do? Take a few measurements! That is to say, these numbers tell our highly-trained teammates a lot of information about your heating and/or cooling system efficiency and operation.

– Log compressor amps
– Condenser fan amps
– Log capacitor uF value
– Measure outdoor temp / indoor WB temp
– Test temperature differential
– Read blower motor amps value
– Check inducer motor amps

Comfort in safety

In addition to ensuring your system operates efficiently, we also have specific safety-checks we conduct. As the heart of your home, it’s imperative we inspect your heating and air conditioning equipment for safety’s sake regularly.

– Check CO and smoke detector
– Inspect drain safety switch
– Verify proper wire size to unit
– Inspect all electrical connections
– Test gas shut off operation
– Check circuit board for burn marks
– And more!

Facts and stats

Last but not least, we check your thermostat and air filters. It sounds simple, but a faulty stat or dirty filter can really affect your comfort and the efficiency of your HVAC system.

– Is it operating correctly?
– Does the programming need to be adjusted?
– When was the last time the batteries were replaced?
– Is it mounted firmly to the wall?
– Do the air filters need to be changed?

No hidden fees

What do you get when we’re finished (besides peace of mind)? A copy of our HVAC maintenance checklist with notes (which tell you if items are “good” or “need attention”) as well as recommendations to improve the longevity, efficiency, and/or safety of your system. This is where you choose whether or not you want to move forward with any suggested repairs and upgrades, or if you were simply having your system checked and don’t want to mess with any additional work.

No fine print. No sales pitch. Just a thorough evaluation of your heating and cooling system and some recommendations if you’re interested in saving money, breathing cleaner air, or extending the life of your HVAC system. To schedule your preventative maintenance or sign up for our annual service plan (Comfort Club is only $14.95 per month!), call (757) 868-7600 or fill out the form below.

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