Tips to Help You Breathe Easier

This year’s warmer than normal winter has delivered a bounty of blooms in many parts of the country. Flowers, trees and plants are budding and sprouting. For many people this also brings runny noses, itching throats, and the sounds of coughing and wheezing. According to the National Asthma and Allergy Foundation, the month of May is peak season for asthma and allergy suffers. They estimate about 50 million Americans have allergies. To help you breathe a little easier, we recommend this spring checklist:

  • Spring Cleaning

    Dust and clean your home frequently. Wash bed linens and clothing weekly in hot water to help kill bacteria and dust mites.

  • Avoid the Temptation to Air out the House

    We know it’s tempting to open up the windows and doors, to let the air in, but it could also bring in pollen from outside.

  • Change your Air Filter

    Replace the filters for your HVAC system monthly or as required by your system’s manufacturer. A clean filter helps trap dust and pollutants. It also helps your system operate more efficiently.

  • Get a Tune Up

    A national survey conducted by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning, found only about half of U.S. homeowners had their HVAC systems maintained within the last 12 months. That means you could be breathing in 365 days’ worth of pollen, dirt, and irritants. A trained technician can clean and inspect your unit, coils, drain pans and make sure your unit is operating at peak efficiency. Regular maintenance could also help save energy and money.

  • IAQ and Ductwork

    The qualified professionals at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning can upgrade your air filtration system and seal leaky duct work with improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and efficiency in mind. We offer many services like duct cleaning which can help remove contaminants and we offer duct repairs and upgrades to meet new building codes.

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