Protect Yourself From Viruses and Indoor Air Pollution

Protect Yourself From Viruses and Indoor Air Pollution

How Can You Ensure Your Home’s Air Is Clean And Free From Viruses?

Know the facts! With stay-at-home orders in full effect, your indoor air quality is more important than ever. But how do you keep dirty air from circulating throughout your house all day long? Especially if you already suffer from seasonal allergies, asthma, or are more susceptible to the risks associated with air pollution (e.g., the very young, older adults, people with cardiovascular or respiratory disease). Although you can’t 100% prevent air pollutants and viruses, there are a few things you can do to avoid their immediate and long-term effects.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Have your system checked annually to ensure it is clean and operating at peak performance. This allows our technicians to identify potential challenges with airflow and air quality. Plus you will avoid future breakdowns! They can also answer any questions or concerns you have while in your home. For example; if you suspect you have moisture issues, a likely culprit is your cooling system’s evaporator coils, which is a major component our team will inspect and maintain to prevent the spread bacterial growth over time. If you’re part of the Comfort Club family, these annual appointments are included in your membership at no additional charge.

Change Your Air Filters

Frequently changing air filters is the best way to keep dust, allergens and other particles OUT of your home. Even with a newly installed system, or a system in a home you’ve just moved into, check your filter monthly to determine how quickly it gets dirty. We recommend replacing them at least  every three months. If you don’t know which type of filter is right for you, check out this blog.

Invest In Indoor Air Quality Products

Indoor air pollutants can have seriously harmful affects on your respiratory health. If you’re trying to protect your family from spreading germs around your home through your heating and cooling system, we recommend investing in a Coil Scrubber. This “Germ Killer” incinerates viruses, bacteria, and germs and can help prevent them from spreading in your home.

Depending on how much protection you want, we have other indoor air quality products to choose from. Our MicroPower Guard captures 97% of the most dangerous-to-breathe submicron airborne particles at 0.3 microns and our Fantastic Filter Program effectively removes airborne particles and allergens down to 3 microns in size.

Our mission is to provide you on-time, can’t lose service, and keep your home as safe and comfortable as possible, especially during these unprecedented times. If you have questions or concerns about your home’s air quality, let us know! Our team is available 24/7 at (757) 868-7600 to provide the best options for you and your family.





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