Why You Need A Perfect Size System

Why You Need A Perfect Size System

Making sure you receive the perfect size system is just part of our No Pressure Process. If it’s time to replace, you’ll meet with one of our Comfort Advisors who will complete a comfort survey & home analysis. By answering a few simple questions, our experts can dial in on what will best meet your needs (Are there any uncomfortable hot or cold spots in your home? What is your price range for a new system? Does anyone in your home suffer from seasonal allergies?).

Our engineering analysis looks at more than just square footage. Windows, doors, insulation and even exposure (which way your house faces) all make a difference in determining the perfect size system.

If your system is too small, it will be overworked and never shut off, constantly trying to reach your desired comfort level. Leaving you with a hefty energy bill.

If your system is too large, it will create a condition called short-cycling, meaning it will only run for 5-10 minutes before shutting off. This prevents the system from dehumidifying all the air which will leave your home with a swampy feeling.

Our Comfort Advisor will take measurements throughout your home to avoid such issues and determine the most energy and cost efficient option, saving you time and money.

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