Is it time to change your filter?

Country singer Jason Aldean recently sang that “this life is full of choices.”

He is not the first one to say that, and these words are obviously not some startling revelation. However, those words ring true to most people. People call our office with questions about everything related to their heat pump, air handler, furnace, boiler, etc. They have choices and decisions to make and they want our help as to which way to go regarding their home comfort.

Would you believe that one of the most common questions asked of our heating and air conditioning experts is in regards to their air filters? One of the few ways the everyday homeowner can help maintain their heating and air conditioning system is to change their filter. So the choice that the homeowner has to make it how often to change your filter.

By checking your filter every 30 days and changing it as necessary, you will help prevent costly breakdowns of both your heating and air conditioning systems. Each home is different and the conditions inside each home are different. With that said, we can’t specifically say how often to change your filter, but for the best results, the recommendation is to check them every 30 days!

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