Hurricane Season and Your Heating & Air Conditioning System

Hurricane Season and Your Heating & Air Conditioning System

If you were to turn on the local news, you might hear the weatherman talk about “Hurricane Season.” Have you ever wondered just when the hurricane “season” actually is? And more importantly, how does it affect you?

According to the ?National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), activity spikes from mid-August through mid-October: 78 percent of the tropical storm days, 87 percent of the category 1 and 2 hurricane days, and a whopping 96 percent of the major (category 3, 4, and 5) hurricane days.

All of those facts are great, but what does it mean? Now until mid October brings Hampton Roads their best shot of being affected by a tropical system. For anyone who has lived in the 757 area code for any length of time, you will know that there will be ample warning of a storm is coming our way.

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As your neighbor and friend, One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning has a few tips if a storm is approaching.

  • Turn the temperature down several degrees before the storm hits. This allows your home or office to be “Pre-Cooled,” which is great when there is a loss of AC power.
  • During a hurricane, it is important to turn your air conditioner off. Why? Constant power interruptions can cause serious damage.
  • Turning off your unit also helps protect your compressor and other components.
  • If you have a portable air conditioner with discharge ducts that exhaust through a window or AC window unit, always remove the unit or ducts and seal the opening.
  • If high winds are in the forecast, use hurricane straps to secure your outdoor air conditioner.
  • Cover your unit with plywood or a tarp to protect it from flying debris.
  • Turn your unit on as soon the storm over to prevent mold from growing in your ducts and system.

These tips will have your unit back operating at peak condition as soon as the storm passes. Of course, if a storm is approaching, heed the warning of local officials. Now is the time to start preparing so you are not scrambling at the last moment.

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