How To Make A Wildflower Seed Bomb

Making a wildflower seed bomb is super-easy.

How to make a seed bomb

Seed bombs are small round objects (like chocolate truffles) that have seeds inside them. They can be made from many different things, but are usually composed of three basic materials.

  • Air dry clay – This is binding agent that holds everything together until the plant is ready to grow. It’s a cleaner process, compared to using red clay) if you don’t like dirty hands!
  • Potting soil – Any type will do. And you can pick some up from your local Taylor’s Do It Center!
  • Seeds – If you’re looking for flowers that work well as seed bombs and live in a sunny area, annual meadow flowers like poppies and cornflower are the way to go. If you need something more suitable for shady areas, try foxgloves or honesty. Click here to learn about other wildflowers that are native to Virginia.

Create your seed bomb by first pinching off a small amount of clay and flattening it into a disk. Add a pinch of soil, a pinch of seeds (about 1/8 tsp), then close the disk (like a purse or a taco shape). Gently roll it into a 1″-1.5″ ball and allow it to dry overnight.

Even better? They are great for the environment! So to celebrate Earth Day this year, our team made seed bombs using simple materials (including 80,000 wildflower seeds!). Wildflowers can reduce air pollution by absorbing carbon and providing shelter for wildlife. They also offer nectar, pollen and seeds that are beneficial to animals. Native plants provide a lure for pollinators, which will result in higher crop reproduction and improved yields around the world. 35% of food crops rely on animal pollinators including many American grown crops worth up to $18 billion dollars alone! Learning how to make seed bombs with air dry clay is simple- even kids can get involved in this project! Add variety in your neighborhood landscape or home garden by planting different types of wildflowers with seed bombs.

Where to plant a seed bomb

To plant a seed bomb, it’s not necessary to bury it. Simply drop the ball in the desired area and wait for its effects. Eventually, clay will break down leaving only your seeds and soil left behind! Seed bombs are best when dropped during wetter months or seasons like spring or fall-this is typically where you will find many wildflower seeds germinating naturally on the soil surface.

Making seed bombs can be an extremely fun activity that children especially enjoy doing with their parents (or grandparents!). They’re also great because they allow gardeners of all ages to quickly fill up spaces in their landscape with little effort as well as provide people who feel uncomfortable about asking permission before guerrilla gardening a place they can easily do so without worry of breaking any rules.

You can even wrap them in cloth and give them as gifts, but be sure to include a tag with instructions. Here’s what our tags said: Seed Bomb – contains a variety of perennial and annual wildflowers to benefit pollinators. To plant: dip in water and drop in a location that gets plenty of sunshine and rain. That’s it!

Now you can celebrate Earth Day any day. Happy seed bombing!

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