How Safe Is The Air In Your Home?

Like most people, you assume that the air in your home is safe and healthy.

The reality may be a bit scary!

With you in your home at any given moment are combinations of three airborne elements: dirt, dust, and pollen, germs, bacteria, and viruses, and toxic gases and odors. As one might presume, there are consequences for your health when living among these toxins including bronchitis, sinusitis, mild depression, headaches, and pneumonia.

In fact, the EPA has ranked indoor air pollution among the top five environmental dangers to the public. EPA research even shows that indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air!

Luckily, we have a clean, fresh, healthy solution for you with our Indoor Air Quality products.

Clean air is determined by the efficiency of a filter or an air cleaner. Filters have an efficiency rating called MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value). MERV ratings are used to rate the ability of a filter to remove particles from the air as they pass through the filter. Therefore, the higher the MERV rating, the cleaner the air.

Typical “store bought” filters rank disappointingly low with a MERV of 1-4, removing less than 1% of airborne particles!

Even superior filters rank at a MERV of 9-12, removing approximately 4% of airborne particles, or as we like to say, they remove “hippos and basketballs” from your air.

But One Hour is proud to offer three exceptional systems designed to give you exceptionally clean, pure, whole-house air.

  • Our Deluxe system features our exclusive MicroPower Guard It captures an astonishing 97% of all airborne particles. Plus, it keeps your HVAC equipment operating more efficiently, saving you money along the way!

  • The Premier system features the Air Scrubber an oxidization unit designed to treat pet odors, smoking odors, cooking odors, toxins, gases, fumes, and allergens in addition to the MicroPower Guard. Like the Deluxe system, the Premiere system promises to remove 97% of all airborne particles in your house, but it also removes toxic gases and odors for fresher, safer-smelling air.

  • End the Optimum system, which has all the benefits of the above two systems, but with the addition of the Coil Scrubber which not only sanitizes your air but it ensures that no mold has a chance to grow on your air conditioning coil utilizing its ultraviolet, germicidal, air purifier.

All products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, lifetime warrantees, and an industry leading 90-day trial guarantee. So call (757) 868-7600 today to get started on your path to cleaner, fresher air.

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