How Much Does It Cost To Repair HVAC?

The cost to repair HVAC systems is not cut and dried.

And if someone tells you how much your HVAC repair costs over the phone, without ever looking at your system, RUN!

First and foremost, a full system evaluation is absolutely necessary to identify what is causing the equipment to operate incorrectly. This happens before price even becomes part of the conversation, because to accurately troubleshoot and repair an HVAC system, you have to be highly trained in the heating and cooling industry. Like many home services, you pay for the experience of the professional, in addition to the actual part that needs to be fixed or replaced. So yes, Googling the cost of a capacitor tells you the part is less than what anyone else charges for the repair. At the same time, Googling the cost of HVAC trade school tells you the value of an education in the trades can be as high as $15,000. What we’re trying to say is that experience matters.

Back to the main question, though. How much does it cost to repair HVAC?

Now that we’ve established it should be done by a trained professional, what actually affects the price? Many companies charge you for the diagnostic check and/or actual repair based on…

  • experience level of technician
  • how long it takes to complete it
  • the time of day
  • the day of the week
  • or just how they are feeling that day

We operate differently, with a customer-focused approach.

After our teammates pinpoint the problem, they provide options based on what they learned through their evaluation. These options are explained thoroughly (with your permission) in an effort to educate you on the issue at hand.  Then we share what we recommend to restore your overall comfort. Our goal? Fix your furnace or air conditioner the same day, enhance its performance, and/or improve the quality of your home’s air. The best part? You CHOOSE which option is best for you and your family’s budget and you KNOW the cost upfront before any work is done.

Plus, with our StraightForward Pricing® Guide, the cost to repair HVAC systems doesn’t change. Ever. No matter how long it takes, the time of day, day of week, or how we are feeling that day. And all of our technicians are highly trained, so experience is never an issue.

Here it is. The actual cost!

Worst case scenario, pay $89 for a full system evaluation. As a result, you receive a detailed explanation of what is wrong with your furnace or air conditioner, and options for repair complete with prices. After all that, you still have the option to decline all recommendations or select which option works best for you. If you move forward with a repair, we will restore your comfort that same day. Did we mention our 100% satisfaction guarantee?

The ONLY way this can get better? Join our Comfort Club and receive guaranteed front-of-the-line service, discounted evaluation fee (only $69), up to 30% off repairs, big savings on new equipment, and annual maintenance for your heating and cooling system.

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