How Being A Comfort Club Member Can Benefit You

Still not a Comfort Club member? We forgive you. ⁠

But we would be remiss to not share with you what you’re missing. Here’s a shortlist of the benefits of our  annual HVAC maintenance plan: ⁠

Front-of-the-line, 24/7, priority service⁠

Meaning when you call us because your heat or ac is not working properly, you are offered the first available appointment. Seriously! Our goal is to fix your system as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed whether you’re a member or not, but you’ll feel extra special because we get to you FIRST.

Scheduled annual maintenance reminders

Our team will handle the details when it comes to your annual HVAC maintenance. We aim to make it a seamless process! Every year when it’s due, we’ll call you to remind you and schedule the appointment for a day and time that most convenient for you.

Detailed service history

Ever wonder when your last maintenance was done? Maybe you want to know what size air filter your system needs? We have ALL that information at our fingertips. These details are probably most important if you’re buying or selling your home. But important nonetheless!

Big discounts off new equipment and repairs⁠

It’s no secret one of the biggest benefits is how much you save being a member of our Comfort Club. You pay a small monthly premium to be able to take advantage of the additional savings if/when something happens to your system! Not only will you go to the front of the line, but your repairs will cost less.

FREE filters for your home! ⁠

This is not a trap. Our office is regularly restocked with air filter in all different sizes and you are more than welcome to swing by any time (preferably between 8am and 5pm) to pick yours up. Just give us a call ahead of time! We’ve also partnered with Taylor’s Do It Centers and Peninsula ACE Hardware to make it even easier for you too – visit any of their locations, present them with a valid coupon, and you’re set!

Did we mention our professional, highly-trained technicians are all drug/tobacco free, have passed background checks, clean driving records, and are overall just awesome people?⁠ Now we’re just

What are you waiting for? Sign up here or call (757) 868-7600! ⁠

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