Comfort Club Members Rest Easy When Air Conditioning or Heating Emergencies Strike

Comfort Club Members Rest Easy When Air Conditioning or Heating Emergencies Strike

What is it like to be part of the Comfort Club?

Picture you and your family arriving at the airport less than an hour before your flight. You are flying to your favorite airline for a vacation that’s been months in the making. Upon turning the corner, you see the security line snaking through the promenade. As panic begins to set in, the sounds of all the other frustrated flyers echos off the walls. You and your family casually stroll past the long waiting line to the front in no time. The security agent cheerfully welcomes you and sincerely thanks you for the many years you have been flying.

After swiftly navigating all the security obstacles, you and your family arrive at the plane. The gate agent informs you of your first class upgrade as a simple ‘thank you’. The agent reminds you that you have many choices when you fly and your loyalty to them does not go unnoticed. As you sit down in your oversized seat, the flight crew has your favorite magazine and beverage waiting at your seat. You and your family were expecting a cramped seat and hoped for an on-time flight, yet the entire experience has exceeded your expectations.

Our team takes customer service to the next level.

Will this ever happen with air travel these days? More than likely not, but it can happen with your home comfort. The team at One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning likes to reward loyal customers which is why we offer our Comfort Club. Other heating and air conditioning contractors might offer you some sort of air or heating maintenance agreement, but we choose to take it a step further. Our Comfort Club rewards your loyalty, while giving you peace of mind knowing that there is a company that cares about your air conditioning and heating needs.

For a small monthly fee, our Comfort Club members get front-of-the-line service (like skipping the security line at the airport) when a cooling or heating emergency arises. No more waiting for days and even weeks to get a professional out to your home. We actually guarantee our Comfort Club members service within 24 hours of their call. We make no exceptions to that. Nights? Holidays? Weekends? Give us a try…we will be there within 24 hours or your visit is FREE. Rest easy knowing that your broken air conditioning unit or faulty furnace will be serviced quickly. Imagine an airline making your flight free if they were late!

With a Comfort Club agreement, one of our expert technicians comes out to your home and rejuvenate both your heating and air conditioning system to try and prevent future problems. Our Precision Tune-Up (which includes a professional cleaning) is meant to save you both time and money. In the long run, this preventative check up will be what prolongs the life of your air conditioning or heating system.

Wait… there’s more!

You think, with such great benefits, that we wouldn’t be able to offer anything more. Our team cares so much about our Comfort Club members that we give them discounts on all HVAC repairs. This discount typically ranges anywhere from 15-30%. We print the standard price right next to our Comfort Club price so you can see the savings. In the unlikely event that your air conditioning or heating system breaks down and you need an air conditioning unit repaired or heating system serviced, sometimes the savings on an HVAC repair pays for the membership all by itself.

Though our Comfort Club is designed to take care of your home comfort, it is important we take care of you! Our members are lucky enough to take advantage of certain benefits, including giveaways, gift cards, and freebies. Can you imagine an airline giving you anything for free?

In the end we are a heating and air conditioning company that specializes in keeping you comfortable. Our Comfort Club is designed to give you the highest level of service possible. But our team also loves to go the extra mile to ensure you tell all of your friends about the benefits of being a Comfort Club member.

Though we can’t promise a better flying experience, we can guarantee that if you are a Comfort Club member, you will see the benefits. Sign up today online or call (757) 868-7600.

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