Avoid Water Damage from a Leaky A/C

Water damage from a leaky AC is one of the most common (and most avoidable) HVAC issues.

Did you know nearly 90 percent of all central-air service calls are related to leaks? Although most are relatively small, if left unchecked they can cause some major damage. Especially if your air handler is in your attic!

To cool your home, your home comfort system removes moisture from the air. The condensation collects on the evaporator coil then drips into the condensation pan and drains through a condensate drain line to the outside of your home. Leaks are usually caused by buildup and blockage in the condensate drain line. With your HVAC system producing up to 20 gallons of water a day, preventing leaks is a must! Here are three things you can do to help prevent drain line woes:

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance

Regular upkeep is vital to the operation of your home comfort system. Have one of our trusted professionals perform a Precision Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning on your A/C unit, which includes clearing out your condensate drain line. Our goal is to get your system back to as factory-fresh as possible.

Invest in a Time Release Pan Treatment

Have peace of mind each season with this affordable solution. Our pan treatment can be installed quickly by any of our trained technicians and prevents water leaks, corrosion, damage to your property, and foul smelling odors for up to six months. It’s like having a plumber in your drain line.

Have a Ceiling Saver Switch Installed

What if you’re not home to notice a leak? Don’t worry! This product senses if the drain line backs up and turns the system off, preventing damage to the surrounding areas (ceiling, walls, floors, etc.). We don’t call it a ceiling saver for nothing – fixing a clogged condensate line is a lot easier than fixing a hole in your ceiling!

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