Avoid These Mistakes And Keep Your Home Cool All Summer

Avoid These Mistakes And Keep Your Home Cool All Summer

These common cooling mistakes could be costing you.

With record-high temperatures (and humidity) in Hampton Roads, the need for comfort is on the rise. If you’re struggling to stay cool and comfortable in your home, read the below to make sure you are not making any of these mistakes.

Keeping your binds open to let in the light.

In the summer, natural light could also mean natural heat. Keeping your blinds closed can actually reduce your energy costs. Especially on sun-facing windows! If you really want that ambient light, leave the blinds open in the windows that face the opposite direction of the sun. You’ll still get plenty of light without making your AC work hard or affecting the temperature in your home.

Cranking the thermostat to cool your home faster.

If your home isn’t as cool as you think it should be, turning the temperature down won’t cooler it any faster. A thermostat’s sole job is to maintain the desired temperature and it can only manage about a 20 degree difference compared to the outside. Turning down the AC too much will only cause your system to work harder and increase your energy costs. Plus your desired temperature may not even be able to be reached, resulting in wasted time and money. Be patient, unless you really think there’s an issue with your system.

Buying a bigger air conditioning system.

Bigger is not better! Your air conditioner is sized specifically for your home and expected weather conditions. Because of this, getting a larger one won’t make it work faster or keep you more comfortable.  You need a perfect-sized system to effectively and efficiently cool your home.  Anything else will lead to costly repairs or cause your system to burnout from being overworked.

Not using ceiling fans.

Ceiling fans can help in the summertime, but it’s more personal. Running them counterclockwise (so the air is blowing directly on you) in the warmer months can make a room feel up to 10° cooler. It’s important to note though – ceiling fans cool people, not empty rooms. Be sure to turn them off when you’re finished spending time in that room.

Skipping annual maintenance to save money.

Your heating and air conditioning system consists of nearly half of your home’s energy use. For anyone who isn’t part of our Comfort Club, investing in a system Tri-JUVenation is a much better option than being inconvenienced with a needed repair. With average repair costs being around $280, you save more money in the long-run with maintenance service performed on an annual or seasonal basis. Our work is GUARANTEED as well – so you can’t lose!

Don’t forget – dirty filters can dramatically reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner too. If you change the filter (and confirmed you’re not doing any of the above), but still are not comfortable, call our team today at (757) 868-7600. If you’re part of our Comfort Club, you’re guaranteed an appointment window within 24 hours of your call!

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