AC Maintenance You Can Do Yourself

When it comes to AC Maintenance, there are ways you can improve your system’s performance all on your own.

The benefits of DIY AC Maintenance are limited compared to the services a professional can provide. But if you can help prevent an expensive AC repair, it’s worth it, right?  And the last thing you want to worry about in the next few months is your AC breaking down because you didn’t take ten to fifteen minutes to help prevent it.

These three simple tasks can save you time and money this summer:

Change your filters

This is probably in every other blog post we publish when it comes to AC Maintenance. Because it really is that important! Changing your system’s air filters at least every three months ensures it can breathe. When your air conditioner is stressed because of restricted airflow, it struggles to operate correctly which can cause minor issues. Eventually those minor issues can turn into major ones. So it’s best to be consistent and change your filters as well as remove dust and debris from any return vents throughout your home.

Clear the area around your outside unit

When is the last time you gave your outdoor air conditioning unit a good once-over? It’s probably been a minute (like last year’s AC Maintenance service). The biggest things to look for is any debris or vegetation within 2-3 feet of your system. Air is pulled from that area, so you want to ensure the unit can breathe without any restriction. Check the surroundings as well to ensure a tree won’t make your job harder by constantly dropping leaves, branches, or twigs on or around it.

Upgrade your thermostat

If you don’t have one already, invest in a programmable thermostat. It’s one of the easiest ways to save money! You can program the temperature of your home (in most cases, from your smartphone) and some smart thermostats even give you tips on how to save additional money on your energy bills. If you already have one, remember to check the batteries a couple times a year to avoid an unnecessary (and sometimes embarrassing) visit from your local HVAC professional.


Although the above DIY AC Maintenance tips helps to keep your system operating between tune-ups, it’s still important to also have regular maintenance done by a professional. We guarantee our AC Tri-JUVenations three ways for your peace-of-mind.


This annual service by our highly-trained HVAC technicians can also:

Prevent minor issues from becoming major ones

You change filters and keep your system clear from debris. We check and test every component on the inside of the system and bring it back to its factory-fresh settings. Our teammates identify small issues early so you avoid costly HVAC repairs in the future. Also, nearly all of our repairs come with a two-year warranty! And we always guarantee your satisfaction. If you’re not happy with our work, you don’t pay!

Protect your warranty

Air conditioners (and furnaces) often come with long-term warranties to help cover the cost of any unforeseen repairs in the first ten or so years. Many of these warranties require seasonal maintenance, meaning you need to have regular tune-ups or the warranty will be voided. Regular AC Maintenance keeps your system running smoothly and your warranty intact. Plus, working with the same company year after year means your system’s maintenance history is just a call away.

Improve efficiency and save you money in the long-run

It may seem counterproductive, but spending money now can save you money later. The cost of annual AC Maintenance can be pennies compared to expensive HVAC repairs, like replacing an evaporator coil or fan motor. Think of it as investing to get a few more summers out of your AC. And when you work with a trusted HVAC company like One Hour, you also know you can count on us to make recommendations to prolonger its life.

Let’s work together to ensure your comfort this summer through these annual maintenance tips. By keeping your system operating at peak performance, you avoid costly HVAC repairs and enjoy the cool comfort of your home for many summers to come. And if you’re part of our Comfort Club Family, we help make your DIY a little easier by providing you FREE filters every quarter (from our offie or any of Taylor’s Do It Center’s 12 convenient locations) and monthly emails with various tips and tricks.

If you want to schedule your annual AC maintenance or sign up for our Comfort Club, call (757) 868-7600 or fill out the form below. Our team is available 24/7 for your comfort needs!

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