3 Ways Replacing Your Furnace Can Save You Money

Replacing Your Furnace Doesn’t Need To Break The Bank

If you really think about it, there are many ways you actually save when you replace.


Having a properly functioning furnace is important for the health of your family. Not only does it ensure that everyone in your home is comfortable, but it also protects them from potential dangers like carbon monoxide poisoning. When the time comes to replace your furnace, don’t invest in just any old one. Work with a reputable HVAC company who does their research and provides only the best furnaces with the highest ratings. And helps you avoid paying and arm and a leg! Here are 3 ways you can save money by replacing your old furnace:

Save Immediately on Energy Bills

When it comes to heating, less is more. Today’s furnaces are much more efficient than furnaces manufactured decades ago. Plus your new heating system will keep your home warmer even when the temperature drops outside! Although the cost of the average furnace has increased over the years, this increase in price does not reflect how efficient they are today. Newer systems can cut your annual energy bill by more than $140 in some cases! And you’ll see the results immediately in your monthly bills when you compare them to the previous year. Don’t believe us? Ask the EPA!

Consider Lifetime Cost Savings 

One of the best ways to ensure you are getting the best deal is to consider the lifetime cost of your new furnace. For example, if you choose to have a new furnace installed, you will save money instantly compared to racking up more repair calls to squeeze one more year out of your old system. And most appliances comes with a parts and labor warranty – some that cover ten years or more! Think of it this way: if you aim to get 10-12 years out of your new furnace, divide the total furnace cost by that number. Is the comfort of your home worth that annual investment? Of course it is! Don’t forget about the peace of mind knowing your equipment is covered should anything go wrong too. And the added benefits if you’re part of our Comfort Club Family!

Improve the Health of Your Family and Home

Did you know that you can reduce symptoms or even prevent health issues with a new heating system? That comforting feeling of our furnace is something we all look forward to in the winter. But what many people don’t realize is that the furnace, which produces the heat for your home, can sometimes be a cause of health issues like carbon monoxide poisoning (if your system is powered by gas). The EPA warns that homes with poorly ventilated gas furnaces may be at risk for high levels of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to serious illness and even death – so it’s important that you consider the health and safety of your family when you’re looking for a new furnace.


Replacing an old furnace with a new one doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, our No-Pressure Process gives you all the details you need to make a decision and all we ask is for 60-90 minutes of your time. We specialize in installing and servicing furnaces for homeowners like you. Choose to do business with our locally owned and operated business, and we guarantee your furnace installation will go smoothly and quickly! Call (757) 868-7600 to schedule a FREE consultation or fill out the form below.

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