More Than An HVAC Tune Up.
A Full System Tri-JUVenation!

You probably haven’t thought about your heating and cooling system’s maintenance recently. And if it’s been over a year, it needs more than just a simple HVAC tune up! It needs a 3-Way Guaranteed Full System Tri-JUVenation! The problem is that some contractors do furnace and air conditioning tune ups cheaply and badly. They’ll take a look, throw in a filter and say it’s “tuned up.” But One Hour makes tired, dirty home comfort systems work like new again.

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Our HVAC “Tune Ups” are Guaranteed Three Ways…


Your system won’t break down

over the next six months, guaranteed. If it does, we’ll apply the cost of the Tri-JUVenation to your HVAC repair.


You’re guaranteed to save at least the HVAC maintenance cost

off of your next six months of electric bills compared to last year. If not, we’ll return your investment, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


You and you alone judge the value of our Tri-JUVenation.

If you feel for any reason you’re not satisfied, tell us… and YOU DON’T PAY. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

What’s On Our 71-Point HVAC Maintenance Checklist?

Our highly-trained technician will…

  • Conduct a diagnostic, which includes tightening all loose wiring and electrical connections. More thorough than your typical HVAC tune up!
  • Thoroughly check and test all components for potential safety issues.
  • Professionally clean of all dust and baked on plaque from your system’s coils. This allows it to work more quickly AND efficiently.
  • Make sure your air filter is clean and not restricting your system’s airflow.
  • THEN recalibrate your system to factory-fresh specifications. So it’s guaranteed to run like new. What other HVAC tune up comes with a guarantee? 
  • If we find a broken or worn out component, we’ll show you and you can decide if you’d like us to fix it.
  • If you don’t want us to fix it, no problem, but we won’t pretend that a Tri-JUVenation can fix a legitimate problem. 
  • Still have questions? See what’s really on our HVAC Maintenance Checklist.

Why Do We Say It’s More Than Just an HVAC Tune Up?

Our team doesn’t just throw in a filter and say it’s “tune up.”We provide every single customer with the same level of world-class service. And if you join our Comfort Club, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a Precision Tune Up and Professional Cleaning in one, combined service every year, along with discounts, front-of-the-line service and more. See all of the Comfort Club benefits you could be enjoying.

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