Home HVAC Installation

Our No-Pressure Process ensures you get the perfect HVAC installation for your home at the best cost. Once a Comfort Advisor completes a thorough analysis of your home, he or she will provide you with affordable options to choose from for the install. After all, you should only consider replacing your system for one of these four reasons!  So here’s what you can expect when you call us:

  • Make an appointment when it’s convenient for you
  • We arrive on time for a 60-90 minute consultation
  • You find out the perfect-sized system and choose the best options for you
  • We complete a quality HVAC installation, guaranteed
  • Enjoy comfort in your home for years to come

Make an Appointment

  • Once your appointment is made, a Comfort Advisor will arrive on time and perform a total home energy analysis to determine the perfect size heating and cooling system for your home.

    All heating and air replacement options will be explained to you, including how much you’ll save on utility bills (usually $500-$600/year) and HVAC installation cost, with no hidden charges. The appointment will last anywhere between 60-90 minutes, depending on what questions you have and we’ll provide you everything you need to choose the best system for your home.

  • If you choose One Hour, we will immediately schedule one of our professional crews to install your new air conditioner, furnace, air handler or heat pump.

    Our team will arrive on the day we promise or we pay you $500, guaranteed! Your HVAC installation is completed perfectly, with all wiring properly connected, all ductwork expertly sealed, and every safety issue covered. They can answer any questions you have during the installation too!

  • Our HVAC installation mechanics agree to regular drug and background checks for your peace of mind. We don’t curse, swear or use tobacco products while on your property.

    We always wear our yellow floor savers and lay down drop cloths so that your home is as clean when we leave as when we arrived. If we fail to respect your home in any way, we’ll pay you five hundred bucks. If we break something we will fix it.

  • Your home comfort system works flawlessly for years, guaranteed.

    Every heating and air conditioning unit we install is covered by our “2 Year Trial Guarantee”. One Hour specializes in residential, non-commercial heating and air conditioning systems. We put our money where our guarantees are!

    Also, our company is not brand-specific. We service and install all major HVAC equipment, including the ones listed here. Regardless of brand, we believe our swiss watchmaker HVAC installations are up to 50% more efficient.

No need to replace right now if a repair will fix it. Right?

One of the most difficult questions to answer – “should I repair or replace?” Depending on the age and condition of your current system, it may be more beneficial in the long run to replace it, even though the cost seems overwhelming at the moment. Consider it an investment in your home. The most important day in the life of a heating and air conditioning system is the day it’s installed. We guarantee you’ll receive a quality HVAC installation, making your investment worthwhile for years to come.

Customer Reviews

  • Junior and his trainee (I forgot his name unfortunately) were awesome! Both were polite, professional, easy to talk to and were very knowledgeable. They both immediately put booties on their feet when walking into my home and were respectful with regards to my home. And they showed my dog some... Read More

    Tim Caudle Avatar
    Tim Caudle
  • Paul was amazing! Knowledge and friendly to talk to, was able to not only diagnose but improve my air handler problems. If a sixth star was available he'd get it.

    Edit 1/30/20

    John was great. Very thorough and knowledgeable. Also considerate. Fantastic job.

    Edit 5/18/20

    Brodie was also...
    Read More

    Alan C Avatar
    Alan C
  • Came home from travel to find my AC not working. Called the 24 hour number at like midnight. They had someone out within 24 hours. I belong to their comfort club. Best money ever I spent on a monthly service that includes 2 tunes up a year. So They come... Read More

    Jennifer Yoder-Stedman Avatar
    Jennifer Yoder-Stedman
  • Josh was the "comfort specialist" to visit our home. We had Casey, (the repair technician) come out the day before and refill our air conditioning unit with R22 refrigerant. Josh was extremely helpful in explaining the different types of HVAC systems. He broke down the difference between the basic /... Read More

    Jon O'Neill Avatar
    Jon O'Neill
  • We have used. Classics One Hour for years. We are very satisfied with the technicians that have come into our home over the years. They are clean and professional and we would highly recommend them.

    Kathee Clarke Avatar
    Kathee Clarke
  • Gary introduced himself immediately. He wore booties to cover his shoes to protect the floor. He was professional, friendly and patient. He explained the entire procedure to get the repair done. He provided pictures so we could see the damage and exactly where the problem was.... Read More

    Lou Ann Harmon Avatar
    Lou Ann Harmon
  • They were truly awesome. I went there for an interview and I talked to person that hires people I am a very hard worker and I will be there everyday like 40 + hours we talked for a while I told him... Read More

    robert humphries Avatar
    robert humphries
  • Excellent service, thoroughly explained all the issues and recommendations and quickly performed the work to resolve my A/C problem.

    Aaron Lineberger Avatar
    Aaron Lineberger
  • Junior and Ryan did a fantastic, thorough job. They visited two of our properties and at each I observed some of their actions. The cleaned and serviced all units and provided suggestions to extend the units life. Thank you for sending professional, kind, well mannered and well spoken personnel.

    Christopher Boehm Avatar
    Christopher Boehm
  • Professionalism, responsiveness and quality of time spent. Junior came in and taught me how to understand my thermostat when I have done something to my system. He taught me to reset. He was so calm, patient and thoughtful. Turns out the thermostat was set on program by myself.... Read More

    Terry Evans Avatar
    Terry Evans

Our Guarantees

“Always on time… or you don’t pay a dime.” Your complete satisfaction with our services and technicians is always 100% Guaranteed.