One Hour only sells high-efficiency, residential air conditioners. They can save you $50-$60/month and come backed by our 2 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Test it out for 2 summers and 2 winters to make sure your new system can handle your comfort needs.

How Air Conditioning works: Most people think that air conditioners lower the temperature in their homes by pumping cool air in. The actual process removes warm air from your house and cycles it back in as cooler air. As this happens, it removes the moisture from the air (dehumidification) making you feel cooler and keeping molds and other harmful organisms in check. This cycle continues until your thermostat reaches the desired pre-set temperature.

If your air conditioner is too powerful, it will cool your air without dehumidifying it. Your thermostat will reach the correct temperature, but you won’t feel as cool while molds and other harmful organisms thrive. If your air conditioner is too weak, it will stay on constantly, driving your bills through the roof.

Our installation process guarantees that you get the perfect sized air conditioner to keep your home comfortable and save you money on your utility bills when you call (757) 868-7600.