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We Guarantee The Perfect Sized System!

It’s the only size we ever recommend! When a wrong sized system is installed, it…

  • Wears out quicker
  • Costs more money
  • Provides less comfort
  • Doesn’t last as long

If your air conditioner or heating system is too big, it will be inefficient and drive up your energy bills; if it is too small, it will also increase your energy expenses and consume more power. Many air conditioners use a lot of power to run their motors, such as the compressor and blower. These motors require more energy to start up than to continue running. If your HVAC system switches on and off excessively, the motors consume more energy than they would if they switched on and off at the appropriate moments.

An AC will lower the humidity in your house in humid areas, but an improper size system cannot sustain comfortable humidity levels. The water vapor in the air is condensed onto the evaporator coils, which are colder than the dew point of the air. As this occurs, the humidity levels in your home fall. As this happens, the water droplets drip into the condensate pan. The air conditioner must run for a while to achieve this result. If your AC is too large, it does not have to run for a long time to cool your home, so it does not remove sufficient water vapor from the air. As a result, you must deal with uncomfortable humidity levels in your house or office, or you must purchase a separate dehumidifier.

An overly small air conditioner or heater cannot adequately cool or heat your living space. As a result, you may always feel either excessively hot or excessively cold, and areas away from vents or indoor air handling units will generally feel cold. Furthermore, if your HVAC equipment is too big, it will switch on and off frequently. As a result, you’ll always feel either too hot or too cold.

Be more comfortable with a custom-sized system that’s perfect for your home and installed by our expert technicians.

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