Why Does One Hour Care?

The fire is crackling as you toss another piece of wood your winter fire. The mug filled with hot chocolate and topped perfectly with whipped cream hits your lips in perfect combination to the music in the background. You are snuggled up in your best winter pajamas, and everything simply feels right.

That’s the feeling the professionals here at One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning feel each month when we are able to help a local charity or organization. Our tune-up is designed to ensure that both Comfort Club members, and non-members homes remain as comfortable as possible, but not everyone is so lucky.

Throughout the past 34 years of being a proud member of the Hampton Roads community, we have had the pleasure to work with many people. The vast majority of our contacts come when you call into our friendly staff, or when one of our expert technicians makes their “house call” to your home. Throughout these interactions, we have the pleasure of hearing of such great things that are going on in the community. The best part is that our customers, our Comfort Club members, the people kind enough to invite us into their homes, are the ones doing such great things in the community.

Our owner, Todd Kletz, found it important to give back to the community that has been so kind to the entire One Hour family, which is why he created One Hour Cares. It is designed to give money to groups in our community that struggle to raise it on their own for their worthy causes. It would be quite simple for us to simply go out and fix your compressor, or change out your blower motor. Fixing your heating and air conditioning system is what people expect of us, and we hope we live up to the expectation.

Being a valuable partner in the community beats any furnace repair we might make. Seeing $1,000 from One Hour Cares going to a group that is making a difference in someone’s life is priceless. When you choose One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning to take care of your home, we hope that you love our service, and also take pride in knowing that we care about our neighbors. The money you spend with us flows back to the Hampton Roads community.

For all the capacitors, motors, compressors, and coils that we service, we thank you for being a partner in supporting our friends and neighbors who make a difference every day.

To learn more about our efforts, visit OneHourCares.com.

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