Dominion Power Rebates

How important is it to Dominion Power that you use less electricity?

Why would they even want you to use less power on any given day?

The power companies all have a vested interest in making sure that they are able to provide everyone who needs power the energy that they need, when they need it. One of the power company’s worst fears came true a few years ago when there were “rolling blackouts” through a large portion of the country.

In an effort to ensure that all Virginia’s heating and air conditioning (as well as lights) works when you need them to, they are offering to pay you to conserve. Dominion Power has selected One Hour Heating and Air Conditioning to provide a professional tune-up for your heat pump system. When you have One Hour complete the tune-up, we will fill out a rebate form, and submit it on your behalf. 8-12 weeks later, you will see a rebate check, all for simply conserving electricity.

Our expert technicians have been trained to not only ensure that your heating and air conditioning keeps you comfortable all year round, but they are also trained to make sure we do our part to conserve energy throughout the country.

If you have not had a Dominion Power rebate yet, call us at (757) 868-7600 or send us a message on our online form so we can get you on the schedule.

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