Furnace Tune-Up ReJUVenation!

3-Way Guaranteed Tune-Up
The burning smell every winter when you turn your furnace on for the first time should remind you to get a Fall Furnace ReJUVenation. It’s dust that’s built up on your heating coils, which kills your furnace. Not getting it maintained in the shoulder seasons means higher utility bills, more repairs and a much shorter system life.

One Hour’s Furnace ReJUVenation: 

1. extends the life of your system (up to twice as long!)
2. reduces your electric bills.
3. guarantees your system won’t break down all season or we’ll refund your money or apply the cost of the tune-up to your repair.

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The problem is that some contractors do tune-ups cheaply and badly. They’ll take a look, throw in a filter and say it’s tuned up. But One Hour makes tired, dirty home comfort system work like new again. 

Even old systems can get RESURRECTED to super, money-saving efficiency.

Yep, Guaranteed

We can guarantee no breakdowns because of the quality of technical effort that goes into each reJUVenation.

  • Professional cleaning of all dust and baked on plaque from your heater’s coils. This allows it to heat more quickly AND efficiently.
  • Conduct a 71-point diagnostic, which includes freon levels and operating temperatures.
  • We’ll make sure your air filter is clean and not restricting your system’s airflow.
  • THEN we recalibrate your system to factory-fresh specifications.  It will run like new again, so it’s easy for us to guarantee it.
  • If we find a broken or worn out component, we’ll show you and you can decide if you’d like us to fix it.
  • If you don’t want us to fix it, no problem, but we won’t pretend that a system reJUVenation can fix a legitimate problem.

And that’s a 3-Way Guarantee…

1. One Hour guarantees your furnace won’t break down

over the next six months. If it does, we’ll apply the cost of the tune-up to your repair.

2. You’re guaranteed to save at least the $111 price

off of your next six months of heating bills compared to last winter. If not, we’ll return your $111 investment, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

3. You and you alone judge the value of our ReJUVenation.

If you feel for any reason you’re not satisfied, tell us… and YOU DON’T PAY. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

See why we don’t call it a tune-up?
We’ll arrive on time and then take our time to perform
your Fall Furnace ReJUVenation perfectly.
You and your family will enjoy
comfort and peace
of mind all


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PS: Comfort Club members enjoy the benefits of a Fall Furnace ReJUVenation AND Safety Check in one, combined service every year, along with discounts, front-of-the-line service and more. See all the Comfort Club benefits you could be enjoying…

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