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We score every visit to every house we help. Always improving to be fast and perfect is part of who we are.

Read and sort through every style of review we’ve received. You’ll see everything from the “you’re a part of my family” to “Bandit could have done better” and everything in between. Feel free to ask what we did to make it right.

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  • 5/21/18 Alice
    Virginia Beach, VA

  • 6/07/18 Anne
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "Richard and Monroe were very polite, did a great job, everything was clean and working when they were finished."

  • 6/11/18 Cary
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "Great service and technicians who know what they are doing."

  • 6/06/18 Joe
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "First of all in my opinion they were not on time. My wife was told 1:00 p.m. then we said we can be there by 11:00 a.m. did not come until late afternoon. Plus after work was complete there was trash left in attic. Screws, tape, plastic bags. Overall not happy with this service."

  • 6/14/18 Harry
    Norfolk, VA
    "The best company around....always pleasant and efficient. I've had you guys for take care of your customers!"

  • 6/10/18 Paul
    Suffolk, VA
    "Quick response and the technician worked hard to diagnosis the issue. Despite the extreme heat in the attic space"

  • 6/08/18 George & Barbara
    Chesapeake, VA
    "I have recommended one hour to all me family & friends. A few have used you, but didn't give my name."

  • 6/08/18 Mary
    Norfolk, VA
    "service man nice and polite. Checked system. Said all is o.k."

  • 6/07/18 John
    Yorktown, VA
    "The technician was very professional and did an excellent job with our air conditioners."

  • 6/13/18 Brian & Sandy
    Chesapeake, VA
    "We have always received prompt, courteous and accurate service at a reasonable cost from One Hour. Thank you!"

  • 6/11/18 Bruce & Joan
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "The service call was scheduled in a timely manner, the service tech was very polite and helpful. I appreciated his positive attitude and attention to detail."

  • 6/07/18 Larry & Jane
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "He reprogrammed my upstairs thermostat and explained how I could fix it myself. He then went thru all our hvac systems to make sure there were no problems."

  • 6/07/18 Jean
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "My appointments are easily scheduled and occur when promised. The technician is always polite and demonstrates carefulness in my condo. He informs me of what needs to be repaired and efficiently completes it with my approval. I am grateful for the knowledge, professionalism, and efficiency that Chris displays and shared with me. Payment by credit card is convenient for me, also. Thank you so much!"

  • 6/12/18 Lita
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "Quality service at quality prices. Technicians were very respectful and professional and thorough."

  • 5/22/18 Albert
    Norfolk, VA

  • 6/07/18 Bryan
    Hampton, VA
    "Mr. Nottingham was a total professional..explained every step in the process as well as a highly competent technician"

  • 6/08/18 Lloyd
    Chesapeake, VA
    "only service to rapidly fix our air conditioning"

  • 6/14/18 Mark
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "Extremely professional technicians! Jon came out and quickly determined what my problems were. He offered several recommendations which helped us to decide the best course of action to take to repair our system."

  • 6/06/18 Pat & Linda
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "The installers were very diligent in completing the job and did a great job of cleaning up. Very professional."

  • 6/12/18 Noel
    Chesapeake, VA
    "Excellent service, very professional technician."

  • 6/11/18 Matt
    Toano, VA
    "You showed up early (an 8:30am appointment bumped up to 9pm the night before) with friendly and helpful service."

  • 3/07/18 Renee
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "Contract for heating cooling unit is taken care of and appointments are scheduled at my convenience."

  • 6/07/18 David
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "The service tech was on time - expeditious and courteous....he asked where everything was at and answered all questions about the AC that I had. Great job- Thanks and see you next year"

  • 6/07/18 Mark & Clintona
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "Technician was able to solve the problem."

  • 5/09/18 Milton
    Virginia Beach, VA

  • 6/07/18 Arthur
    Norfolk, VA
    "Very knowledgeable people that make you feel like you are a value, not just another account."

  • 5/14/18 Julie
    Virginia Beach, VA

  • 6/12/18 William & Dianne
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "Sam was polite, professional, friendly and efficient."

  • 6/11/18 Don
    Carrollton, VA
    "Technician remained on the job until work was completed. The recent task required significantly more time than originally anticipated, yet Tim remained diligent. Thank you. Comfort club membership provides peace of mind."

  • 6/11/18 Robert
    Yorktown, VA
    "Excellent service. Very bright, friendly and knowledgeable technician. Problem diagnosed in less than sixty seconds. Air conditioning restored in under an hour."

  • 6/08/18 Denise
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "Intelligent service"

  • 6/11/18 Thomas
    Chesapeake, VA
    "Your advertising about "always on time or you don't pay a dime" is misleading because you do NOT give the customer the exact time the tech is to arrive. I was given a window of time, and then the morning of, the tech called and said he was 􀂳on his way􀂴􀀑􀀃 No exact time whatsoever. I have no qualms with your service, just your advertising which is the main thrust of your PR."

  • 6/13/18 Angela
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "Everything about the service call was great!!! Paying $49.00 to find out that a plate to cover a circut that your company knew had problems with bugs AND that WE WERE NEVR SHOWN THAT THE CONDENSATION OVER-FLOW PIPE HAS TO BE CLEANED WITH A BRUSH THAT IS EVEN PROVIDED! We have a brand new system and NO ONE over the course of completing our install SHOWED US THE DAMN brush. That to me should get our $49.00 put on an account for our next call. A TON OF CRUDE CAME OUT!!!"

  • 6/01/18 Daniel
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "Initial visit wasn't good (refrigerant level too high) but follow-up was very complete"

  • 6/10/18 Nancy
    Newport News, VA
    "Very professional and timely and informative, however, a little too expensive when comparing to others for same or better."

  • 6/07/18 Garland
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "You could have gotten a higher score but no one could find me in your records to even know that you had put my heat pump in."

  • 5/24/18 Owen
    Hampton, VA

  • 6/06/18 Jordan
    Hampton, VA
    "We are Comfort Club members and recently had 2 mini split systems installed. One worked like a dream, the other leaked and made a grinding noise. 3 different techs came out and spent about 5 hours each trying to resolve the issue. The resulting replacement pump had to be mounted on the outside of the unit and as a result we have extra noise every time it is activated. Does it work? Yes, but it is very frustrating to have a brand new unit that is now rigged up to work. For the money we spent, the quality of the unit is very disappointing. This issue with Diakun product quality should be not be a reflection on the techs, they were great like always."

  • 6/07/18 Jordan
    Chesapeake, VA
    "System was working fine before technicians came to location. On the first visit they missed a leak that somehow they mysteriously found the next day and left my tenant without AC for 5 hours. My tenant said it best when she said 􀂳􀀃Everything was working fine before they came out there􀂴􀀑􀀃My unit is a 2 year old Trane unit that Technicians found a failed capacitor and refrigerant leak in which is a little hard to believe. Hope this was just a fluke situation and not how the business runs on a day to day basis."

  • 6/13/18 Joe
    Virginia Beach, VA
    "Not happy at all"

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