Heating and Air Happy Checks (a.k.a. Reviews)

Every heating and air conditioning unit installation customer is asked to fill out a quick report. We call these reports “Happy Checks.” They tell us, and you, how we did and where we can improve to be fast and perfect.

You should know who you’re working with before you schedule an installation, so we invite you to review every “Happy Check” we can find. You’ll find everything from amazing reviews to the Bandit-style reviews (not our greatest installations). Feel free to ask what we did to make ‘em right.

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  • Thank you. Took the time to explain everything to my father and greeted daughter with kindness upon her return from school.

  • Your standards for courtesy, professionalism, and quality are very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

  • As I stated on the front it goes for my comments here as well. Excellent Job!

  • I suggest that when the work is complete, to have the guys vacuum the vents. We are senior citizens & can’t get up in the ceiling to get the pink piling off the vents to allow heat to come out. We are attempting to try & make that happen slowly. My husband had knee surgery & it’s not easy. That would be my 1 suggestions. Great guys that came out.

  • Happy with all aspects of this projects. Many thanks.

  • From our first contact through the installation, every “team member” was polite, processional & punctual (the 3 Ps). We cannot compliment them enough.

  • Professional & kind! Thank you! Is everyone named Mike at this place? 🙂

  • The job went well but took longer than expected. We also did not get everything that was on the original comfort agreement, the micro power high efficiency air filter could not be installed. One thing that might help with the installation crew is if they had one day or so prior to install to look at job site and setup a job plan so jobs would go better and faster. For example, if they looked at our job first they might have said the micro power high efficiency air filter would have not fit and could have recommended something else. Overall everything was very good. The people that came to the house were great, fun and respectful to us. I felt bad that the install crew had some long nights and problems with the job.

  • Everything went very well. All information needed was presented in a professional manner. This is my second time around - I received a new unit 9 yrs ago and the “crew” from the office to the door has always been superb. This time the service was GREAT! I will tell my family and friends about Classic Air and the AWESOME service team.

  • *I only do business with companies that provide good customer service!! Keep up the great work. (*why I will drive by three Home Depots to go to Lowe’s). Thank you for the exceptional service!

  • One Hour has been an investment for my A/C and heating systems. A very honesty and moral company. The down side to this is the cost. Just to install a thermostat or connect a wire, your looking at about 120 dollars. The maintenance package they offer is great but how they get their money back is over charging simple little things to do. But what can I say the company has been great to me so in a way the price does balance out.

  • The workers who came to complete the unit were amazing. They were diligent in completing the job and I was very impressed by how well they worked together. They treated each other with respect and the “supervisor” was very courteous to the worker. They were mindful of the fact that I was in the home during the installation and they made a minimal amount of noise. I am very satisfied with the work that was completed and I would recommend them to my neighbors and friends.

  • Everyone was great. The comfort advisor took the time to educate us on how the type of system we have works in general and then our specific system. This helped us feel more comfortable with the decision we made about whether to repair the existing system or replace it. We did decide to replace which we felt was the most economical decision for us in the long run.

  • Thanks for the service provided.

  • This was not an easy installation for your crew(s). My house is old (1919 is the build date) so it has many quirks. The installation took more than one day, but that was due to prior poor workmanship. My family and I are extremely happy with the work that was performed. We thank you for going above & beyond in order to help ensure that everything is up to code and working properly.


  • John & Steve were great. Steve was very interactive especially with my 3 kids who happened to be home from school today due to the storms.

  • I would have figured that a customer make a quality investment in their HVAC system, that the comfort advisor that made the sale would follow up with a phone call to ask how the installation went, was I satisfied with the system and maybe how was it performing. Crickets……. The installation team went very well, including the fabrication of the supply duct work with the fiber board product and not sheet metal the installation team was very proficient with the use of the board product, laggers knife, paste spray glue and foil tape to make the needed vent to match the new unit with the existing duct work. Not sure what the warranty is on that portion of the install but I hope it’s a long as the system or longer. The previous system lasted 40 years, I hope this one has at least half that life. Since the air handler is sitting on top of the return vent box and held with tape and spray glue, if the air handler shifts, for whatever reason, I believe the fabricate fiberboard duct on top portion, will also shift and crack, since its only held in place by the paste, spray glue and foil tape. Look forward to my fall service call as part of my comfort club. The one last year was missed even with my monthly payments made. My last comfort service was Oct 2014 before I called in august.

  • Went straight to work and solved all of our problems!

  • Installation crew were true professional and did an outstanding job!!!

  • Super nice fellow. Very Friendly + easy to talk with. He explained everything thoroughly and answered all of my questions

  • Very Friendly + Respectful. Worked extremely well in the 115 degree heat. Stayed until all was installed and working in 1 day

  • It’s easy to explain our appreciation from the moment I talked to the lady who answered our phone call to speaking with time to meeting Michael and Richard. Everyone displayed pride in what they do and in your company and what you stand for!!! Thank you so much. Most of all my wife and I feel you our backs if any A/C or heating problems arise…..To us that means more than you can imagine!

  • The technicians were very professional, well mannered, and explained the process and what they were doing. I am very much pleased with the work done at my home. They cleaned up very well and I am VERY happy! Alex and Samuel were very good! Thank you guys so much!

  • Professional, on time, knowledgeable! Great service each time!

  • Totally happy with the whole experience from the beginning to the finished product.

  • We highly recommend One Hour to anyone who needs HVAC repair. However, we did run into a problem when two technicians forgot to tell us about disconnecting our backyard light when installing the new A/C unit. We contacted the company, explained the situation, and our light works again. Because they sent out an technician to run new wires through the attic. We are pleased with their work and professionalism again. We highly recommend One Hour to anyone.

  • I do have to say, we had some unusual delays but they couldn’t be helped. Thank you for the positive attitudes.

  • I did notice that on a few times of walking through my home (josh) did not have protective shoes covering. I also would recommend purchase of hand wipes/wet wipes for installers, so that when they are installing/giving instructions on how to use the thermostat their hands are presentable not leaving black marks on the wall/thermostat.

  • A professional crew, cordial and knowledgeable. Each took time to answer questions and worked like champs through 100 degree temperatures. They did a great job cleaning up the work after. I am very satisfied with the work performed.

  • One Hour installed our first unit 11 years ago. Service during those years was great. That is why we did not need to look anywhere else for a new unit. Your warranty + service promise met our expectation with your company. It’s nice to have a company that stands behind their product.

  • We went with another company for our issues…..2 times. And they “failed to meet expectations!” We were hesitant to shop around for another company but your company has exceeded our expectations. From the assessment to the install team everyone was very good, we wish we would have call you first. We look forward to working with you in the future.

  • I am your biggest fan!!

  • All of your representatives were knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Their workmanship was exemplary. The system is so quiet- very enjoyable comfort level. Thank Alex and Steve for us- they braved a terrible lighting and thunderstorm to get the job done. Truly above the call of duty.

  • As I have iterated before we’ve been clients since April 1982 which in itself say that you have always met our expectations and continue to do so. Your Technicians Have always been most professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Please give our thanks to our comfort advisor Joe Kansco and the installer team under the leadership of mark! Super Job!

  • Work on replacing units was very good. Arranging for the inspector took 13 days. This was not up to my expectations

  • Joe was definitely a big part of why we choose you over our other companies. Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job.

  • If the technicians are going to pick up more supplies at supply hour on the lunch break, it would be helpful to tell the homeowners so they know why the longer time away from the job.

  • Excellent service from the 1st phone call. Provided same day service for immediate provision of heat. Good explanations of needs+costs. Cred of previous service toward new unit next day service for new unit and clean up post completion of work was excellent. Thank you for a job well done.

  • We have been One Hour customers for many years this is our second heat pump system. I have always been impressed with the professionalism of the technicians and responses to our needs. I am pleased with the equipment, price, and warranty package.

  • This was one of the worst experiences that I have been subjected too. I was told my electricity would be off for about 2 hours. It was off for 10+ hours. It was cold and raining to make matters worse. I was very concerned for the safety of the installer (John) to be handling electrical wires with no help at all. I was expecting fried body parts to be flying all over the back yard. This job was only supposed to take 3 to 4 days and it took a month and even then it failed inspection. When the supervisor offered to take it out and fix it the way it was. I jumped at the opportunity but of course he didn’t follow through. I would not recommend this company to anyone.

  • I just want to thank the One Hour installation crew, they were all great. Especially Josh and Calvin who did a great job of installing and answering questions. Tim was great also. Mark answered all questions on startup. Thanks again for job well done. Would highly recommend On Hour to do the job.

  • The installers were very nice and courtesy. And very neat. They cleaned up and left things the same way they found them.

  • I can’t get over how large the AC 1 Hour employees are the best thank you Lonnie

  • My only complaint is that lately I have not been phone calls prior to whomever showing up. Which isn’t that big of a deal but today they arrived at 9:30 when I was told they would be here at 11:00. I’m not complaining that they were early but a phone call that they were on their way would have been nice. – Edward

  • I was most impressed with Darrell when he came out the night after the system was installed (2-9-16) and also with Tim when he came (2-11-16) to adjust the dampers and explain how to adjust the thermostat, and when Tim came the second time to thaw the drain pipe and restore my heat. They both arrived quickly and are very pleasant, courteous young men.

  • Jacob was extremely professional during the entire time he was here. I felt bad because it to had to be the worst day we have had in a long time. It rained the entire time they were here, but he was a good sport throughout it all.

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